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Greece, the birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games is a world-class destination with amazing culture, history, food and scenery. Everyone should visit Greece and the Greek islands at least once as you will return a changed person by the beauty, hospitality, traditions and historical references you will encounter.

Greece has over 6,000 islands (not all are occupied), making it tough to decide which ones to include during your vacation. But if you're only going to have time for a few, here are our Top 5 Greek Islands to Visit that offer a wide variety of luxury accommodations and many first-class beaches and activities:

1. Santorini:

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands, and for good reason. It has stunning scenery, with whitewashed villages clinging to cliffs above a volcanic caldera with steep cliffs. The sunsets are legendary, and the beaches are also amazing, with black sand and red rock formations.

June is a great time to visit Santorini and you can also enjoy the annual Santorini Wine Festival. This festival takes place in the town of Oia and features tastings of wines from all over Greece. There are also food stalls, live music, and dancing. Yamas (Cheers in Greek)

2. Mykonos:

Mykonos is known for its party scene, but there's more to the island than just that. It also has beautiful beaches, charming villages, and a rich history. A highlight is a sailing adventure to the nearby historically important island of Delos which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a former treasury of the ancient world.

A busy but good time to visit is in July when you can also enjoy the Mykonos Jazz Festival: This festival brings together some of the best jazz musicians from around the world. The concerts take place in a variety of venues, including the island's open-air bars and clubs.

3. Crete:

Crete is the largest Greek island and has a lot to offer visitors. There are stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and traditional villages to explore. Crete is also a great place to go hiking, biking, and sailing.

A good time to visit Crete is in September during the Crete wine festival. This festival is held in the town of Heraklion and celebrates the island's winemaking tradition. There are tastings of wines from local wineries, as well as food stalls, live music, and dancing.

4. Rhodes:

Rhodes is another popular Greek island with a lot to see and do. The city of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it has a well-preserved Old Town which was a major staging area for various Crusades 1300 years ago. There are also beautiful beaches, medieval castles, and a bustling nightlife scene on Rhodes.

A good time to visit is during the Rhodes Medieval Festival in September. This festival takes place in the city of Rhodes and recreates the atmosphere of the island's medieval past. There are jousting tournaments, sword fights, and traditional dances.

5. Corfu:

Corfu is a beautiful island with a mild climate and lush vegetation. It's a great place to relax on the beach, go hiking, or explore the island's charming villages. Corfu is also known for its olive oil, which is some of the best in Greece.

If you visit in February and March which can be cooler, you'll enjoy Corfu Town Carnival. This carnival is one of the largest and most popular in Greece. It features colorful costumes, parades, and street parties.


I hope you can include one or more of these wonderful islands and their festivals on your next trip to Greece. an include one or more of these wonderful islands and their festivals on your next trip to Greece.

For more information on Greece, visit our dedicated Greece Webpage. 

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